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Texas Complex Child Custody and Divorce Lawyer

At Grimes Law, P.C., we offer competent legal representation to people in complex and highly contested divorce and separation cases. When all other negotiations have failed and litigation is the only way to resolve your issues, we welcome the opportunity to discuss how our firm may help you move forward.

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At our law firm, we take on most challenging and contentious marital dissolution cases. Our clients are caught in a battlefield of intermingled assets, bitter child custody disputes over who should receive primary custody or sole custody, and other separation matters requiring litigation. We understand our clients’ suffering, and work hard to resolve their issues as efficiently as possible while fighting for and protecting their interests.

Experience Matters

You know that if you are involved in a highly contested divorce case, your spouse will not settle for an inexperienced attorney. You need equally competent and determined representation on your side.

Our attorney, Michael E. Grimes, has years of litigation experience. Michael is a member of the Texas Bar Foundation, an exclusive organization that accepts members by invitation only, and is a certified specialist in civil litigation by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Attorney Grimes is respected by peers and clients throughout Central Texas for their aggressive and successful representation of people in complex litigation cases.

Michael Grimes also has extensive experience working within the courts of Williamson County. He is a long-time residents of the area, and has a familiarity with the judges and courts that can prove advantageous to your case.

A Personal Approach

While we are highly experienced in the courtroom and ready to assertively protect your interests in a joint custody, physical custody, property division or other separation dispute, we understand that going through such a contentious divorce is never easy. Emotions run high and can be wearing on you mentally, emotionally and physically. We will work closely with you at every step of the process to help ensure your needs are met. We want you to be as comfortable as possible, while we fight the battle on your behalf.
Catastrophic injuries are terrible, life-changing injuries. As a result, catastrophic injury claims have high potential economic value and usually involve serious civil litigation. It takes years of experience for a personal injury lawyer to develop the knowledge and skill required to be able to realistically gauge the value of a catastrophic injury claim, and to know whether to negotiate a settlement or fight for the insurance policy maximum.

With years of experience, the personal injury lawyer, Michael Grimes, at Grimes Law, P.C. is a competent trial lawyer. He is highly alert to the countless procedural traps that can lose a case before it ever reaches a courtroom.

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