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Many people create wills and trusts to express their wishes regarding the administration of their estate and to avoid conflict among the family at their death. However, poor planning can lead to ambiguity within a will or trust agreement, leaving family members no choice but to question its terms.

In addition, families who distrust each other can get into disputes over accusations of undue influence or breach of fiduciary duty.

If you are involved in a probate or will contest dispute, the probate litigation lawyer at Grimes Law, P.C., in Round Rock, Texas, can help you assert your interests and resolve the dispute in a way that most closely satisfies the decedent’s actual wishes. Whether you are questioning or defending the will or your actions in the probate process, we offer experienced and aggressive legal representation to reach a favorable outcome.

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We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and discuss how our law firm may be of service in matters involving:

  • Undue influence of a person with diminished capacity
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims against trustees, executors and guardians
  • Concerns regarding the lack of capacity of the person who created or altered the will
  • Ambiguous terms regarding the distribution of assets
  • Beneficiary and rightful heir disputes

Probate and administration disputes are highly emotional on both sides of the issue. We combine our extensive litigation experience with compassionate representation to help our clients.

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