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Slip & Fall

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Although the words “slip and fall” may seem to describe a relatively minor form of mishap, slip and fall, trip and fall, and similar types of premises liability injuries can be catastrophic.

Have you suffered a serious injury due to the negligence of a property owner? If so, please contact the law offices of Grimes Law, P.C. in Round Rock. Our experienced personal injury attorney can help you to recover just compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering.

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There are three elements required for any personal injury law suit involving a negligence claim:

  • Injury - Someone was injured.
  • Responsibility - The injury was due to an intentional act or negligence by another party.
  • Ability to pay or compensate - The other party has the ability to pay or compensate the injured person for his or her injuries.

If all three elements do not exist, you do not have a good claim.

To have a premises liability claim in Texas, generally the injured person is an “invitee” or guest in a business, store or some similar place, and he or she slips and falls on the premises or has an object fall on them. In order to make a successful claim for compensation, it is necessary to prove that the owner or person in control of the premises neglected to use ordinary care in maintaining the property; knew about the unsafe property condition; and either failed to warn visitors or failed to correct the area that was dangerous.

Some slip and fall injuries are relatively minor and do not make good legal claims. But slip and fall injuries can also be serious, even catastrophic, such as disabling bone fractures or head injuries causing brain damage.

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If you were seriously injured in a warehouse store, a parking lot, a shopping mall accident or due to negligent security in a commercial establishment, it is critically important that you talk to an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible, definitely BEFORE you talk to any insurance company representative.

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